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The Land

     The land runs along the northern shore of Dickís Creek, a small, navigable  tidal creek that used to be a harbor for the area long ago.  The house is on the western portion of the property and has direct views of Harkers Island, as well as up the creek.  Herons, egrets and foxes call the Farm home as well. The address is
380 Pigott Rd. Gloucester, NC 28528


When the old timers picked that land to settle on back in the 1860ís, they did so for a reason.   The house and property face southwest, which allows the land to be cooled by prevailing summer breezes which blow from that direction.  Likewise in the winter, the house is protected from cold northern winds by the land behind it.


There is practically no wetlands on the whole acreage.  We just had a soil analysis done, and the Environmental Engineer who did the work was fairly blown away at how good the soil composition is.  He said that he had rarely seen such a large parcel, particularly Down East, that all perked. (You will need to confirm this.)


The waterfront in front of the house is deep enough for a small boat.  We somehow never got around to putting in a dock.  For years we rented a slip at a marina in Harkers Island, 10 minutes away, for our frequent trips out to the Cape Lookout National Seashore


Beautiful, historic Beaufort is your closest town, and you will drive past our new golf course to get there!