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What you can do with it….


1)   Enjoy it like it is.  What us kids would most like is that the Farm will pass to another family who will make it a part of their history as we have made it a part of ours.  There are lots of great spots to build additional structures so a large family could have a compound easily enough. 

2)   Develop it.  The property connects to the state road via a 98’ section of land that would make an ideal entranceway for a development. Don’t forget that the land perks as is so no sewage treatment plant would need to be installed.

3)   Do the first for a while, then do the second.  That is what our folks always planned on doing…



     The Farm is a magical place.  After we bought it in the early 70’s, locals would come visit and tear up as they toured the house and relived memories of family and friends who lived there before it came to be ours.  Since the 1860s, over seven generations have called this land home.  It is a place of enduring soul with wonderful energy.  At night you can sit on the front porch and other than the shrimp boats at work in the sound, for much of the year the only lights you see are on Harkers Island across the water.  And on a clear winter night you can almost touch the stars.